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Shelf Management for Labor Reduction Success – Part 2

In part one of this blog (https://blog.ffr.com/), we discussed self-facing systems and the benefits they provide. Those benefits include enhanced appearance, increased accessibility, reduction in labor, preventing disruption, and a reduction in inventory commitments. There are a number of ways that products can be self-faced, including gravity feed systems and pusher systems.

For a gravity feed solution, the Kinetic Shelf creates a nearly frictionless surface so merchandise can slide down to shelf edge upon product removal. Once installed, the Kinetic Shelf provides a smooth surface to keep product faced and organized without assistance from store personnel. The Kinetic Shelf is available in a plastic mat or a wire configuration, depending on product needs. The plastic version attaches to existing shelving, while the wire shelf installs in seconds into standard gondola uprights – with no additional shelving, fasteners or tools required.

Both the Kinetic Plastic Shelf and Kinetic Wire Shelf offer an optional low strength pusher that is self-contained and can be inserted anywhere along the width of the shelf. Due to the slick surface of the Kinetic Shelf, these pusher/dividers require very little spring tension to move the product along the surface, resulting in a low-cost solution for retailers.

If you are looking for a shelf pusher solution, Power Zone® Kwik-Set™ Self-facing System is a labor-saving, component-based merchandising system flexible enough to accommodate the broadest range of product shapes and sizes throughout the store. Tracks and dividers can be easily added, removed or adjusted by sliding along front rail – all while product remains on the shelf.\

As a pusher solution for gondolas without shelves, our NEXT™ Tray Merchandising System installs directly into gondola uprights. The trays have expandable dividers to accommodate many different product widths and the pusher paddle keeps product faced and accessible to customers. By incorporating the NEXT™ System into a planogram, retailers can eliminate expensive shelving and put more product in its place.

For a few consumer products, such as wine bottles, shampoo or other tall, bottled products, self-facing systems may not provide the ideal solution. For those products, the FACER® Merchandising System provides a simple approach to optimize stock throughout business hours. Each line of bottles is quickly and easily pulled to the front of the shelf to provide an attractive product display. Staff spends less time on restocking, stock counting and facing, helping retailers control their bottom line and offer a better presentation for increased sales.

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