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School Is In, Holiday Merchandising Is On

It’s back-to-school time once again and so begins the transition to fall and holiday merchandising, often jokingly referred to as “Hallowthanksmas”. While some consumers dislike this time of year because it signals an end to summer festivities and warm weather, others find comfort in slowing down, spending more time at home, and relaxing with family and friends.

Retailers see this time as the perfect opportunity to appeal to a wide range of customers to increase sales. They expand their seasonal aisles to accommodate the ever-increasing array of merchandise in demand during this special time of year. Stores are filled with specialty products in custom displays, eye-catching signs from floor to ceiling and a virtual wonderland of holiday lights and sounds.

The first step to prepare for the holiday merchandising frenzy is to develop both creative wayfinding and promotional signage. In addition, the right sign holder can prominently display signage as well as provide protection throughout the season. Get more cost-saving life out of your signs while improving the overall appearance of your store with a protective sign and ticket holder.

Custom, eye-catching holiday displays, created with a variety of display construction supplies, from fasteners and adhesives to shelf supports and panel formers, can provide a convenient, portable presentation. And, while the seasonal aisles are the main areas for displaying holiday merchandise, cross merchandisers integrated into other departments can be powerful for encouraging impulse purchases, especially of accessories and last-minute gifts.

FFR Merchandising has the display products you need to stay organized while increasing sales this holiday season. For additional information, call FFR Merchandising between 8 am and 6 pm Eastern Time at (800) 422-2547 or browse our wide variety of products by clicking here.