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Make Way for Center Store in Your Produce Department

From finding the perfect healthy snack for packed lunches to selecting just the right ingredients for an upcoming dinner party, most trips to the supermarket aren’t complete without a visit to the produce department. “Survey after survey of customer opinion says one of the predominant reasons they shop a supermarket is because of the fresh produce department,” says Dan Hamilton of Hamilton Consulting. This makes the produce department the ideal location to leverage customer traffic for promoting complementary center store items.

Cross merchandising can encourage customers to try an item or a meal they wouldn’t normally have considered, especially if items are paired in such a way as to offer a solution. The solution could include displaying items that pair easily with a type of produce, such as croutons or sunflower seeds with leafy greens to complete a salad, or seasonings with tomatoes, peppers and onions to create homemade salsa. Displaying signage or offering take-one cards that contain pairing or recipe suggestions can help the customer with meal planning and preparation.

Research from Food Marketing Institute’s (FMI) “Power of Produce” shows that 58 percent of impulse produce purchases are the result of eye-catching displays. Also, 83% of shoppers would welcome advice about unfamiliar items or preparation techniques. These numbers indicate promotions such as cross merchandising may increase sales in produce.

For the ultimate cross selling solution, you’ll want to clearly display center store items near produce using fixtures that fit well with existing displays and take up the least amount of available space. Fixtures such as the innovative Metal Cross Merchandiser and Space-Max™ Cross Merchandiser for Wood Fixtures allow a variety of packaged items to be showcased alongside fruits and vegetables directly on wooden display tables. In addition, adding informative or promotional messaging to a Covered-Face Sign Holder for Square Edge or a Hump Easel Sign Holder, can ensure your message gets noticed.

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Source: Progressive Grocer, “Tell a Story: Retooling Produce Cross-Merchandising”