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Retail Merchandising

The Future of Retail Merchandising

Fifteen years ago, few retailers considered ecommerce as their competition. For decades consumers wanted to see, touch, and feel products before they made their purchases. According to McKinsey, from 2008-2013 sales within traditional brick and mortar stores increased only slightly, while ecommerce sales grew 10 times faster than in-store retail. The marketing firm also projects […] Read More »

Holiday Merchandising

Get Ready for Summer

Holiday Merchandising Ideas for Memorial Day, Independence Day, & Beyond! Individually, the Memorial Day, Father’s Day and Independence Day holidays do not carry the same retail clout as the weeks from Black Friday through Christmas. Collectively however, savvy retailers can create and carry a theme throughout the summer season to encourage repeat customers and an […] Read More »

POP Retail Displays

Tempt Shoppers with Attractive POP Retail Displays

You’ve marketed promotional merchandise in print and online. This has increased foot traffic to your retail establishment and has piqued interest in specific products. Consumers have made their selections and are about to complete their shopping experience. This provides a great opportunity to heighten their interest and further increase sales at the last point of […] Read More »

Retail Signs

Does your Signage Sell?

To sell, signage has to be seen. It is likely that your marketing and promotional efforts have increased foot traffic to your store. Once they enter your premises, however, you can use promotional signage to make sure that shoppers are not confused, overwhelmed or discouraged. You can easily make your promotional signage work for you, […] Read More »

Spring Promotions

Get Ready for Spring – Display Solutions for Spring Promotions

After Valentine’s’ Day, many retailers look to upcoming holidays and plan their promotions aiming to gain as much market share as possible. According to Federated Investors, an investment group that observes trends in retail, the Easter and Passover holidays which alternate and may fall in April or March create selling opportunities called “Mapril”. Federated also […] Read More »

National Nutrition Month

Highlight Produce for National Nutrition Month

Increase Sales with Produce Merchandising March is National Nutrition Month®, an annual information and educational campaign presented by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. It is aimed at encouraging healthy eating patterns in our daily lives. In addition to promoting sound eating habits, the campaign offers grocers and other retailers the opportunity to showcase spring […] Read More »

Resolutions for Retailers

2016 New Year’s Resolutions for Retailers

According to the National Retail Federation, retail sales account for $2.6 trillion dollars of the annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In 2016 every retailer will be seeking ways to increase consumer confidence and with it, additional store foot traffic to increase their market share. Nielsen, which tracks consumer habits in over 100 countries, reports that […] Read More »

Wet Floor Cones

Keep Stores Safe in Winter Months

The goal of every retailer is to provide an optimal shopping experience for consumers. This includes making certain that parking lots to selling floor aisles are uncluttered and do not pose any hazards to shoppers. The post-holiday rush, when the focus is clearance sales and seasonal items, is a good time to take stock of […] Read More »

Retail Display Trends

2016 Retail Display Trends

Engaging consumers has been retailing’s goal for decades. That trend will continue in 2016. In high-end designer boutiques as well as grocery chains, a successful sales cycle begins by piquing shopper’s interest and enticing them to buy. Needs will always be a prime consideration for making a sale. However price and attractive merchandise (be it […] Read More »

Retail Foot Traffic

How to Drive Retail Foot Traffic After the Holiday Season

The holidays have come and gone and with them the post-holiday clearance sales. Many consumers feel that those promotions offer the best savings of the year. How then can retailers avoid the post-holiday sales slump and continue to drive retail foot traffic after the holiday season is over? Read More »

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