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Enjoy impactful articles on the latest merchandising methods and exciting new products specifically designed to increase sales, drive loss prevention results, create brand awareness, strengthen brand identity, improve category management, maximize space and labor efficiency and provide engaging visual merchandising. We’ll expertly address many of your retail merchandising concerns.

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Deli Display Do’s and Don’ts

Presentation is everything, and food retailers understand how important it is to enhance merchandising in deli cases during the busy holiday season. Offering a tempting display that showcases your product will help to increases sales. Create a delectable food service environment that makes your fare simply irresistible by following these Deli Display Do’s and Don’ts: […] Read More »

FFR Merchandising

Looking for Retail Merchandising Solutions?

When searching for retail merchandising solutions, choose a vendor partner who specializes in merchandising – one that even customizes products in-house with unique patented designs and specialized engineering. Establish a relationship with a partner who offers quality products to optimally showcase your merchandise and provide you with a maximum Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you are a retailer, brand marketer, marketing […] Read More »

black friday

It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for Black Friday

No, it is not too early to start preparing for Black Friday. In fact, many consumers wait all year long for Black Friday sales, and even make the majority of their holiday purchases on this popular shopping day. As a retailer, it’s crucial to capitalize as much as you can while managing crowds and protecting valuable […] Read More »

The Calm Before the Storm: Preparing for Hallowthanksmas

With the kids back in school and summer winding down, many customers are turning their attention to upcoming activities and holidays. Halloween kicks off the holiday season which some jokingly refer to as Hallowthanksmas. It begins the flurry of planning, decorating, cooking and, of course, shopping. With millions of customers heading to stores, it’s imperative […] Read More »

Strategies for Increasing Impulse Purchases

For increasing impulse purchases, the number one strategy a retailer must adopt is to improve product visibility. Items placed near complementary bestselling products have the highest chance of being selected by shoppers. For example, Easter egg coloring kits positioned near the eggs and also at the check-out will provide two important opportunities to cross sell. To […] Read More »

6 Ways to Earn an “A” in Back-to-School Merchandising

Back-to-school spending, including shopping for both grade school and college students, is expected to reach $75.8 billion this year, up from $68 billion last year, according to the National Retail Federation. This includes everything from school supplies and electronics to apparel and room furnishings. While retailers can’t always control what supplies are needed or how […] Read More »

Improve Enterprise Operations with Loss Prevention Solutions

When retailers lose product through their supply chain, such as merchandise damaged in shipment, they remediate the situation. They may change suppliers, packaging, distributors, and/or make upgrades to their warehouses. When merchandise losses can be traced to pilferage, either by consumers or employees, loss prevention support can be crucial to decreasing loss while not further […] Read More »

Impact of Displays on Customer Purchasing Decisions

For decades consumer surveys have questioned customers as to what about retail displays keeps them from making a buying decision. Some very basic responses include: limited selection, displays that are in disarray, and high prices. What this means is that customers are looking to buy and expect to see a well-stocked selection of items for their […] Read More »

Top Tips for Creating Window Displays

The purpose of retail window displays is to catch consumer attention and draw them inside the premises. However since every retailer is aware of this, every window display, particularly those in shopping malls, has been designed to be visually exciting in the hope of stimulating sales. One different strategy to adopt is to attract shoppers […] Read More »

Increase Sales During National Salad Month

It’s National Salad Month which offers the opportunity for retailers to showcase what for some consumers is a daily staple. Everyone knows that salad is good for them, however not everyone makes salad part of their daily regimen. Here, FFR Merchandising provides suggestions that retailers can follow to pique consumer interest in this popular menu […] Read More »

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