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Meal Kits: Getting Your Store in the Game

With many families desiring home-cooked meals but having little time to plan, it’s no surprise meal kits have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Unlike time-saving products that involve adding a boxed mix to ground beef, meal kits incorporate fresh ingredients and step-by-step instructions to allow consumers to create wholesome dishes from scratch.

But, while the convenience factor is attractive, many consumers are still hesitant to commit to an expensive subscription service. To meet customer demand, many grocery stores are getting into the game and giving subscription meal kit services a run for their money.

Meal Kit Display

If you are trying to decide whether or not meal kits are right for your store, a simple way to begin is by offering a recipe’s individual ingredients cross-merchandised together on a display table or bin. This offers customers the convenience of a do-it-yourself meal kit without the store investing significant time or resources, and without the customer having to commit to a subscription service.

Recipe cards can be prominently displayed in a card or literature holder near the ingredients for customer convenience. Location information or an aisle number should be clearly marked on the recipe card or sign for ingredients not included in the display (meat, frozen products). To keep perishable items cool, FFR’s Mobile Ice Bin Merchandiser, which features an integrated ice bin, can easily be positioned next to the main display. In addition, the Metal Cross Merchandiser can be added to produce tables or bins to merchandise smaller packaged ingredients.

Store Brand Meal Kit

If you already have an established fresh area format, introducing a store brand meal kit may be the logical next step. Customers that already choose a store specifically for its fresh area offerings will be more than likely to give a ready-made kit a try, especially since these kits still do not require the commitment of a subscription service. And, although more work is required by the store, these kits typically have a higher price point per meal than when customers purchase the ingredients individually.

Store brand meal kits involve some of the prep work and packaging being done by the store, which saves the customer even more time and effort. Since some of the items have been cut or cooked, these kits often need to be displayed in a cooler or deli case and include an expiration date. To help with food preparation, FFR offers a variety of supplies from knives and cutting boards to scales and measures.

FFR Merchandising has the fresh area merchandising products you need to launch your meal kit initiative. For additional information, call FFR Merchandising between 8 am and 6 pm Eastern Time at (800) 422-2547 or browse our wide variety of products by clicking here.