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Improve Enterprise Operations with Loss Prevention Solutions

When retailers lose product through their supply chain, such as merchandise damaged in shipment, they remediate the situation. They may change suppliers, packaging, distributors, and/or make upgrades to their warehouses. When merchandise losses can be traced to pilferage, either by consumers or employees, loss prevention support can be crucial to decreasing loss while not further impacting sales.

In financial accounting terms, “inventory shrinkage” (also known as shrink), refers to product that is lost between the point of manufacture, purchase from suppliers and/or the point of sale. The term relates to the impact that shrink has upon retailers’ profit margins. Infrequently, product loss can simply be a matter of an accounting error. However the majority of retail losses can be directly traced to inventory loss through shoplifting and employee theft.

Reduce Theft, Increase Revenue with Loss Prevention Tools

FFR Merchandising provides numerous supply chain and point of display options that can reduce or eliminate the major causes of shrink. Many of these products are discrete and will not deter customers from making their product selections with ease. Many loss prevention items are designed to protect products from sweep, a theft technique where a shelf of unsecured items can be swept into a bag or inside a garment. The Power Zone® Sure-Set Self-facing System lines individual products in rows so that only one faces forward at a time. When consumers self-serve, the integrated pusher moves the next product in the row to the front. The feed not only prevents sweeping, but also keeps shelves looking neat, and the section appears full at all times.

Entertainment items and small technology devices are easy prey to thieves. Secured in a FORTKNOXTM Safer Security Box, high theft items remain visible to consumers for easy identification and selection. Liquor stores can prevent theft using the CAPSURETM Bottle Safer, which locks onto the top of bottles and can only be removed by store personnel. Both the box and safer can be removed by personnel at the POS terminal with ease using the Detacher Micro DLS Grip and Lanyard.