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Deli Display Do’s and Don’ts

Presentation is everything, and food retailers understand how important it is to enhance merchandising in deli cases during the busy holiday season. Offering a tempting display that showcases your product will help to increases sales. Create a delectable food service environment that makes your fare simply irresistible by following these Deli Display Do’s and Don’ts:

Do Get Creative – Place product in full view of your customers with attractive displayware. Unique metal and melamine bowls, plates and platters are attention-capturing display products that can also increase customer awareness and product attractiveness.

  • Don’t Avoid Contrast – A little contrast can go a long way in capturing customer attention. A simple black or white case set can make an appetizing product really stand out as can adding a single accent piece to a display.

Do Enhance Appearance – Develop custom “landscapes” with distinctive shapes and textures. Utilize pedestals and risers of various heights for visually appealing structure and improved visibility.

    • Don’t Overstock – Filling trays and bowls may save time but can make a display messy and unattractive to customers. In addition, too much stock on display can ultimately increase the chance of shrink. Risers and “dummies” can help make displays look fuller without the waste.

Do Include Signage – Signs calling out a promotion or specialty seasonal product can go a long way toward simplifying the shopping experience and increasing sales. From elegant metal sign holders to trendy write-on chalkboard signs, there is a wide variety of holders available to help get your message to customers.

    • Don’t Miss Center-Store Signage – Having a sign frame by the frozen turkeys letting customers know the deli offers stuffing and cranberry sauce is a great way to draw traffic from around the store to the deli department. Customers will most likely appreciate the reminder, as well.

When prepared food is presented in the best possible manner, consumer demand will increase, particularly during the busier holiday months when there’s less time to prepare meals at home.

FFR Merchandising has Deli Display Do’s and Don’ts down to a science. We offer deli case displays, sampling units, and hot and cold food merchandising products to suit your needs. If you have questions on how to best enhance your deli case, call (800) 422-2547 between 8 am and 6 pm EST for more information.