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Choosing the Right Sign Holder

It’s a fact that signage sells, but, in a retail environment, the addition of a quality sign holder can also greatly improve presentation and extend the life of a sign. However, with thousands of options available, finding just the right sign holder can be overwhelming. It may be helpful to narrow the search by first contemplating two important questions:

  1. Where will the sign be displayed?

Will it be on a gondola, on a cooler door, in a deli case? Will it be freestanding – on the floor or on a counter – or will it be hanging from a ceiling? Placement is probably the most important factor in choosing just the right sign holder.

Sign holders on gondolas can be displayed within the shelf channel, by utilizing the shelf perforations or by being affixed with magnets. These options are easy to install and reposition and can be reused indefinitely. If the signage is for a high-traffic area or needs to remain in place for an extended period of time, a more permanent solution, such as a wall-mountable or adhesive sign holder, could be a better option.

Signs for fresh areas, like deli cases and produce fixtures, are smaller and often feature a vinyl pouch or covered face to protect signage from food and water damage. Other popular fresh area signage solutions include versatile and easy-to-use card holders and clip-on sign holders.

  1. What type of sign is being displayed?

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor sign, a way finding sign, a promotional sign, or simply a product brand sign, the material and function are important when choosing the best sign holder.

Obviously, a large way finding sign would be best displayed within a freestanding banner stand; however, if floor space is at a premium, a ceiling display may be the better choice. Banner stands and ceiling displays can usually accommodate thicker materials, such as cardboard and foam board, and their large size and prominent location make them likely to capture customer attention.

Most standard cardstock signs work well in a wide variety of holders but are especially compatible with FFR Merchandising’s SuperGrip® Sign Holders. These plastic sign holders feature “fins” that grip the paper to provide superior holding power, while also allowing for easy sign changes. They are available in styles to fit nearly any fixture or display and sizes to accommodate multiple paper weights.

For a complete selection of sign holders, visit www.ffr.com.